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What I Want Everyone to Know About Dog Walking

What I Want Everyone to Know About Dog Walking

As you head off to work, you might see a lone individual surrounded by several pups on the sidewalk. That individual might be me because walking dogs is my passion and career. In the past, bringing in clients for walking services was a slow process. With the advent of the Internet, I now share my love of animals while offering my daily services. There are several things that I want everyone to know about dog walking. My job is a lifestyle that I love every day.

Dog Walking is More Than A Potty Break

Some pet owners might approach walking services as a means to give their dogs a bathroom break at midday. Although this reason is certainly valid, there are so much more perks to just visiting the neighborhood lawns.

Chicago is full of people, scents, and experiences from a canine’s perspective. A walk stimulates the pooch, which cannot be simulated within the home’s confines. I arrive at your home for a walk that can last 15 or 60 minutes. These precious minutes are dedicated to fun, obedience and outright socialization with the surrounding world.

GPS is for Your Peace of Mind

I’m a dog owner so I understand the bond between you and your pooch. If I hired a walker, I’d want to know every step of the visit from beginning to end. That’s where GPS comes into play. Each walk comes with GPS waypoints so that you know exactly when and where the pooch is being walked. Get to know where they stop the longest, such as at the park, so that you can give the dog that same experience on the weekend.

Some Training is Included

You’re scheduling a walking appointment and not a training session. However, these services are one and the same. I use commands with your pup to safely walk them across streets and through neighborhoods. One of the best dog walking tips I follow is using the owner’s commands. Staying consistent with commands makes the pooch comfortable and receptive to both the walker and owner.

Socializing is Crucial to Mental Health

always include the mental side of the activity. Ideally, I’ll bring along a buddy for your dog to walk with on each visit. These dog friends are vetted and introduced before the actual appointment. The buddy system socializes your pet so that they’re more comfortable around people and other animals. Aggression or extreme shyness might be a problem if a dog is always isolated from their own kind.

Striving for Consistency

One of the best dog walking tips I’ve ever encountered is maintaining key relationships. You can’t expect your loyal dog to welcome just any stranger into the home for a daily or weekly walk. I strive for consistency when it comes to my clients. If I have a regular appointment with one family, I keep that commitment unless extenuating circumstances prevent it.

Every worker with a dog walking service must forge a bond between themselves and their clients. This bonding process may require the first or second appointments to truly take hold. With that bond in place, your dog welcomes me with open arms during every visit.

Selecting a trusted, Chicago walking service is simple when you partner with Canine Care. I offer bonded and insured coverage so that there are no legal issues down the road. Your worries float away as I show up for each visit with a smile and adventure for your pup. Dog walking is an art that’s only possible with the most loving individuals. Give your dog the experience that they crave when you’re away from home.

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