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Using A Dog Walking Service: All The Ways It Benefits Your Dog

Using A Dog Walking Service: All The Ways It Benefits Your Dog

Every dog owner knows that it’s good to walk their dogs. Unfortunately, too many people don’t have or don’t take the time to walk them. This can have serious consequences for your pet. That is where a dog walking service comes in. A dog walker can do the job of walking your dogs while you’re at work or if you’re physically unable to do so yourself. Chicago suburb dog walkers from Canine Care can handle all your pooches and make sure they get the exercise they need. Here are some ways that a professional dog walker can help your dog.


The big obvious benefit is exercise. Dogs are animals that are made to run and play. Keeping them cooped up inside all day goes against their nature. It will keep their body healthy, and keep them from getting depressed and lethargic. Most dog breeds love to work, and for them, walking is like work for which they can get rewarded. Dogs that don’t get their exercise will simply not be healthy in the long run.

Getting Outside

Much like dogs have evolved to exercise, they have also evolved to be outdoors. While most dogs now live in homes, that wasn’t always the case. They, like any other animal, used to roam free outside, going where they pleased. Getting them to walk in the outdoors will allow them to enjoy the fresh air as their ancestors did, and as it is their instinct to do.


Oftentimes a dog walking service will walk several dogs at once if that is allowed as part of the pet visit.  This time provides your dog with valuable social time with other dogs. Many dogs live at home with only humans and don’t get a chance to interact with other dogs. It’s important for dogs to socialize so they will be better behaved around other dogs and around other humans, too. Chicago suburb dog walkers will help your pooch meet and have valuable play time with other dogs.


Hiring a dog walker can help with your dog’s behavior as well. They will have even more practice following commands. Also, a tired dog is a good dog. If your dog is well exercised and has worked off their boredom, then they will be more willing to follow commands and less likely to get into mischief. Boredom is a big cause of poor behavior, so it’s vital to keep your dog occupied.

Mental Health

A dog that doesn’t get the proper exercise is susceptible to all sorts of mental health issues. The main one is depression. Your dog may mope around the home or spend all day lying down and not being engaged with you or your family. Dogs hate loneliness as well, and being cooped up all day will certainly cause loneliness. Dogs are also known to suffer from separation anxiety. Which means while they are alone they will get anxious and will often act out by misbehaving. Having a visit from their dedicated walker is always a nice surprise.

A Dog Walking Service Is the Best Choice

Hiring a dog walking service is a great choice if you’re not able to walk your pooch regularly. It could be because you have a busy work or school schedule, or because you are physically unable. No matter the reason, using a service will help your dog in so many ways that the investment will be more than worth it.

For more information about hiring a dog walking service in the Chicago area, and how we can help your dog benefit from this fun experience, please visit