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Top Reasons Dog Walkers Chose Their Profession

Top Reasons Dog Walkers Chose Their Profession

chicago dog walkersI walk dogs for a living. When people hear about my profession, they don’t believe that it’s a real job. In fact, I enjoy every minute of my work because I love dogs and I love spending time with them. This profession is filled with furry faces and excited minds. It takes dedication and love to work with dogs daily. Get to know why dog walkers choose their profession and stick with it.

Flexible Hours

Providing dog walking services requires me to be flexible because my clients are, after all, the dogs and I work on their schedule.  After a good night’s sleep, some dogs want to be up and out of the house for a morning walk. For these dogs, I might make a second stop at their home during the day for a potty break. Some pets want a longer visit than others.  It just depends on how much energy they need to burn off. If this is the case, a trip to the dog park may be just the thing. Then there are the clients that just need some outside time to take a little stroll in the afternoon.  Whatever they need, I schedule for it and then I take care personal things in between clients.

Dog Walkers Follow Their Passion

No one in Chicago dog walking services is bored with their job. They seek out these positions because of their passion for dogs. I love each dog that I engage with every day. This love for animals makes the job more like a hobby for dog walkers.

I mix up my day with clients of various ages. Walking younger dogs in the afternoon gets my exercise in. I reserve the mornings for my senior dogs that need extra care during their exercise. My attention to each dog’s demeanor is part of the love I have for each of them.

Training Opportunities Abound

Walkers aren’t just silent leash holders providing a basic service. I’m thrilled to be part of the dogs’ obedience training. Any training that the dog has been through, I continue with those practices. I also have a chance to add in the newest training that I’ve learned through expert advice. My customers are thrilled about the training aspect because it solidifies the ideas in the dogs’ minds during each visit.

Suitable for Any Age Group

Dog walking professionals choose this job because anyone can do it. College students and retirees might walk dogs on a regular basis. If the walkers are healthy, fit, passionate and caring for their furry friends, they’re perfect candidates for the job. I didn’t want to sit in an office for eight hours at a time. For this reason, I chose dog walking as a full-time profession.

You can also participate as a part-time walker. Be passionate about the dogs while seeking out other opportunities. This profession continues to grow and morph into an agreeable job for many animal lovers.

A Chance to Stay Active

So many jobs today are filled with a lot of sitting. Computers are the main reason for this shift in the workplace. I stay active with my dog walking services. These animals take me on an adventure every day. We walk through parks, explore city sidewalks and stop for a rest on a bench at times. Being active keeps my health in check along with my clients’ pets. Activity keeps everyone young, which only improves longevity into those senior years.

As the season gets colder in Chicago, consider a career walking dogs. Cool breezes make it easier for dog walkers to hit their stride and get the dogs going on a quality adventure. I’m thrilled to care for my community’s dogs. Find your passion with these furry friends by looking into work with dog walking services. You’ll be surprised at the opportunities.>

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