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Tips from a Dog Walking Service To Be a Better Dog Owner

Tips from a Dog Walking Service To Be a Better Dog Owner

dog walking servicesLiving in Chicago, especially in some areas, probably means you don’t have acres of land available for your dog to run around. Most people don’t even have a backyard that their pooch can get to any time they need to do their business or just get some fresh air. More and more dog owners are turning to a dog walking service to make sure that their pooch gets the exercise and fresh air they need during those long days when they’re at work or school.

Dog walkers are often individuals who just want to make a little money, but the vocation has become big business, and there are services in just about every city in the United States. The owners and employees of these small businesses are professionals who love dogs and consider themselves experts. Here are some tips from those dog walking service experts on how to be a better dog owner.

Don’t Pamper…Too Much

It seems that every day there are new products and new ways to pamper your dog and make them feel like royalty. It might make you feel good to spoil your pet, but it might not actually be good for the relationship between you and your pup. If you treat them like royalty, then they might start to think they are. If you do something they don’t like, such as leave the home for 9 hours a day, then they get angry or anxious. This is why your neighbors get mad that your dog was barking all day, or you come home to destruction in your apartment.

Keep Pets Off the Furniture

Many people like to let their pets come up onto their couch or bed to snuggle with them. This may seem comforting, but it’s not a good habit. If a dog starts to think they are equal with you, then that will show in other behaviors. They might feel like they can get away with not listening to you or start doing naughty things.

Eat First

Many people sit at the dinner table and toss down scraps for their dog to munch on while the family eats as well. This is another habit that will make your dog feel equal or even superior to you. While they may beg and whine, or give you puppy dog eyes, resist the urge to feed them. Make sure that the humans have eaten, and then feed your pup. That will be a clear indication to the dog that you are the boss.

Don’t Overdo It When Coming or Going

Dogs get separation anxiety when they feel like something is wrong. If you get super excited when you come home, then your dog will think that your being away was bad. The same with acting overly sad or mushy when you leave. If you treat it like no big deal, then your dog will most likely treat it that way as well and be much calmer while you’re away.

Use A Dog Walking Service

Living in Chicago, you might work 8 hours a day, but with getting ready in the morning and commuting, it might be several more hours where your dog is sitting around doing nothing. Dog walkers will help keep your dog active during the day and prevent loneliness. A dog walking service can be great for your dog’s health, and help you be a better dog owner. Contact Canine Care today to talk about how they can help.

For more information about using a dog walking service in the Chicago area to help you keep your dog active and relieve boredom during the workday, please visit