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Chicago suburb dog walkers, canine careDogs that sit alone at home all day long are prone to boredom. They want attention, excitement and playtime stimulation. You might work for most of the day, but there's a professional solution to this dilemma. Hiring a walker for your pet is more commonplace today than ever before. Learn all about the exciting services offered by Chicago suburb dog walkers today. Pet owners may be slightly jealous of the fun that's yet to come.  

canine care, Chicago suburb dog walkersAs soon as they enter your home, a new dog becomes a member of the family. They will be your family member for their entire lifetime, and it’s your job to take care of them. Many of us consider our dogs to be like our children, even if we have actual human children. Good canine care is so important for the health and well-being of any dog. You should strive to give them the best of everything to make sure that their lifetime with you is a happy and healthy one. Here is how to give your pooch the TLC they deserve.

Chicago dog walker, dog parkThe question is whether the social experience was a positive or negative one according to your Chicago dog walker? Sounds silly but one element required in ascertaining whether or not your dog is having a positive or negative experience is to first pay attention to your dog. Stop short of staring at your dog since this can cause him to become overly excited (if he likes your attention) or stressed (if he is uncomfortable with your attention). While you want to keep an eye on him, keep from staring.  

dog walking tipsYou probably look forward to walking your dog every day. Your dog certainly looks forward to walking with you! But do either of you really enjoy going on a walk when the conditions outside aren’t the best? When it’s too cold, too hot, rainy or snowy, it’s tempting to just skip your walk for a day or two. However, to provide proper canine care for your pooch, you need to find a way to incorporate exercise into their routine every day. Here are some great dog walking tips when the outdoor conditions aren’t in your favor.

Any time you take your dog out for a walk, an emergency could come up at any time unexpectedly. In those situations, you need to have an emergency kit prepared. This is especially true if you hire a dog walker who may be completely familiar with every aspect of your pet. In most cases, the emergency kit will have similar items as any other emergency kit. However, only you know your dog well enough to know what comforts them if they are injured or scared. Your dog walker will do everything they can to comfort your pooch, but preparing these items in an emergency kit will help everyone involved have a better experience.