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Who Makes the Cut in the Dog Walker World?

Who Makes the Cut in the Dog Walker World?

You’re a big, pet lover with a busy lifestyle. One or two dogs might fill your home or yard. These pooches want stimulation and a daily walk, but it’s difficult to fit it into your schedule. Introduce yourself to the local dog walking company. These trusted, service providers work with you and your pet to forge a long-lasting relationship. Don’t expect random employees to show up for these daily walks either. Learn who makes the cut in the dog walker world. Each walker must be dedicated to your pets to even qualify for the job.

Completely Vetted Through Multiple Interviews

With millions of people in the Chicago area, finding people who enjoy dogs is relatively simple. However, only specific applicants work for the best companies. Applicants send in their resumes with interviews soon to follow. Company managers contact references, research backgrounds and go over other details before anyone is called back. Each dog walker professional who walks up to your door has a clear history and a love of animals.

Many walkers have education backing up their animal passion, such as classes in science or behavioral studies. Speak to your walker about their background. You may be surprised to hear that they’re overqualified for the position.

Continued Training is a Must

Your local dog walking company doesn’t just send out their employees without any training. Dealing with animals takes passion and patience, but education is also a core aspect. Walkers start or continue their education about the canine world as they serve their clients. Understanding canine training, behavior and control are top priorities with reputable walkers. They essentially support your at-home, training strategy while offering helpful suggestions. Consistency between the walker, owner, and pet creates a solid foundation for training over the years.

Primary Dog Walker Traits

Most walker clients invite the professional over at least once a week. Regular walking involves a primary caregiver who’s always at your service. It’s understandable that your dog will be wary of the new person at first. The primary walker and canine must forge a relationship. With this fact in mind, primary walkers must have dedication and consistency as their main traits. If they cannot work a regular schedule, they cannot create the bond that’s necessary for the clients. Another applicant must be chosen as a primary.

Extra Room for Backup Help

A primary walker has certain clients, but they aren’t always daily appointments. They work as backup walkers in situations where other primaries cannot support their clients. Being a backup is much harder than a primary because of the newness of each situation. The dogs aren’t used to the backup walker. Everyone must get along in a short time period. Successful walkers can calm a dog down and walk them with ease on the first appointment. These individuals are priceless to any client who has wary dogs. Every pet must be walked by someone.

Walkers With Attention to Detail

The top walkers pay close attention to each pet’s needs. Some dogs love the grass, whereas others want the sidewalk. Rain scares certain pets while it attracts fun-loving breeds. Experienced walkers try to appease their clients with these pet desires. Walking the dog isn’t just about elimination. The situation is fun, exciting and full of healthy prospects for each pet.

The power of the Internet brings your local dog walking company right into your living room. Trust experienced companies, such as Canine Care, where each dog walker is extensively interviewed for their pet-care expertise. After working with Canine Care in the Chicago area, you’ll wonder how your pup ever got along without the service.

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