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Hiring a Dog Walker? Understanding the Costs Based on Individual Needs

Hiring a Dog Walker? Understanding the Costs Based on Individual Needs

dog walker Your dog needs and loves attention. Whether they gain it through walks, playing or other activities, the attention keeps dogs young at heart. You can’t always be there during the week, however. Pet owners must earn a living too. Hiring a dog walker is a smart alternative to leaving your furry family member home alone. Understand the costs involved with these services before you strike up a deal.

Uniform Pricing Across the Service Area

The cost of dog walking can widely vary among providers. Some companies alter their pricing based on your location. A suburb address might cost more for services than a home located directly within the city. This pricing is entirely unfair. Quality companies create a pricing structure that’s easy to follow. It’s typically based on your visit times within the locations serviced.

Ask for a 15-minute visit on a day when you’ll be home earlier than normal. An hour-long visit might be necessary on those busy days. Each time frame has a different price, but it’s only varied because of that clock-based length.

Adding on Pets

Dog walker providers understand that many households have more than one pet. They want every pet to be taken care of during the professional visit. In these cases, the cost of dog walking is prorated. The standard, time-frame visit is charged along with an add-on price. You don’t have to pay double for the service if there are two animals involved.

In theory, add on as many pets as necessary. Be aware that your walker must be able to handle the extra load. Remember that visits can be coupled with other pets in the neighborhood if your dog is accepting of this playtime plan. You may need to make special arrangements for walks that involve three or four pets from one household.

Weekends Versus Weekdays for a Dog Walker Service

The main cost of dog walking is typically based on weekday prices. Most owners have the weekends to care for their pets. However, you can hire a professional for the weekend at an additional price. Pay about one-third of the cost more than a normal weekday. The premium price takes into the account that your walker probably works five days a week anyway. Weekend visits are technically overtime pay.

Work with your everyday walker to see if they’re available for regular, weekend visits. Most Chicago professionals will fit you in so that you’re pleased. Walker clients can be as dedicated as the professionals themselves.

Priceless Benefits

Walking a dog isn’t just about elimination. It’s a stimulating adventure that’s the highlight of a day. Scents, other dogs, and surrounding features create a fun world for the pet. This stimulation cannot be simulated in a house environment. Owners benefit from the walkers using commands that only enhance the dog’s behavior at home. When you arrive home from work or school, your dog will have had an exciting day without any destructive behaviors.

Featuring Additional Perksdog walker

Ask about pricing for private visits. These services are structured in the same manner as the timed appointments. However, you receive personalized care for your pets. You might have a dog recovering from surgery, an elderly dog or a brand-new puppy. These pets require a bit more attention than the average, dog walk.

Dog visits may also include feeding, watering or administering medication. With the proper instructions to your walker, the dog will have all they need during the day while you are away.

When you live in the Chicago area, hire a dog walker from Canine Care. Professionals offer their services to the surrounding community so that every pooch is happy and satisfied with life. With a dedicated professional at your door nearly every day, watch your dog grow and develop a healthy attitude.

For more information about the cost of dog walking by a professional dog walker in the Chicago area, the length of our visits and specific locations we service, please visit