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Hesitant to Try a Dog Walking Service? Consider This!

Hesitant to Try a Dog Walking Service? Consider This!

dog walking service Are you wondering whether it is worth it to invest in a dog walking service? Maybe you can’t wrap your head around someone else walking your precious furry bundle around Chicago on a regular basis? Are you worried about your dog’s safety with a stranger? There are many misconceptions about what a dog walking service does and how it operates. There is more to it than simply walking the pooch and picking up poop. Dog walking with a service means treating your pet as if it were their own, and helping that dog grow, learn, and develop good habits. Here are some of the most common myths about dog walking services that might have you rethinking your position.

A Dog Walking Service Will Not Teach A Dog New Tricks and Habits

We all know the saying about old dogs and new tricks. However, just because it is a well-known saying does not necessarily mean it is true. Dogs, even older ones, are always able to learn new tricks and habits. A professional dog walker will work with them on better walking skills and etiquette. Also, they understand that dogs need fun and stimulation, and will be more than happy to teach your dog a few new tricks for them to enjoy.

Your Dog Will Be Uncomfortable Without You

In general, this might be true. Your dog will most likely miss you during those days you are not home with them. However, that is probably even more reason to hire someone to help with dog walking. Any discomfort your dog might feel at first will soon dissipate when they are getting more exercise and play time. You will always be number one in their life, but wouldn’t it be nice to give them a little extra companionship during the lonely times?

Every Dog Walking Service is Created Equal

Sure, most people can walk a dog if given a chance, but that doesn’t mean that every dog walking service is equal. A good dog walker is knowledgeable and experienced and knows what to do in every situation that comes their way. They can handle medical emergencies, dogs who slip the leash, and other unforeseen circumstances. A good dog walker will have undergone first aid classes as well. They also understand that you are entrusting one of your most precious possessions, and they will take extra care with them.

Dog Walkers Are Lazy

Well, they are dog walkers, not dog sitters. They spend their days not just walking dogs, but playing, feeding, teaching, and loving the animals in their care. They have a good understanding of dog behavior and how to work with them. Dog walkers are simply people who love dogs and get to work with them for a living.

A Dog Walking Service Is Very Expensive

Like anything else, dog walking by a professional walker costs money. That said, you do get a return on your investment. Dogs require stimulation, and if you are gone during the day, there is a long period when they are not being stimulated and are lying around idle. With a good dog walker, your dog is not just getting a walk, but also obedience training, new tricks, and is building some healthy habits.

Canine Care is a dog walking service that operates in Chicago and the suburbs of Chicago such as Glencoe, Kenilworth, Highland Park, Lincoln Park, Wilmette, and Winnetka. Give us a call today to get your dog moving.

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