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Dog Walking Tips for Less Than Perfect Weather Conditions

Dog Walking Tips for Less Than Perfect Weather Conditions

dog walking tipsYou probably look forward to walking your dog every day. Your dog certainly looks forward to walking with you! But do either of you really enjoy going on a walk when the conditions outside aren’t the best?

When it’s too cold, too hot, rainy or snowy, it’s tempting to just skip your walk for a day or two. However, to provide proper canine care for your pooch, you need to find a way to incorporate exercise into their routine every day. Here are some great dog walking tips when the outdoor conditions aren’t in your favor.

Alter Your Walking Route

You need to walk your dog daily, but you don’t have to take the same route every day. If it’s raining outside, take a route with more trees to protect you both from getting wet. Or if the conditions are considered poor, you can always shorten your route. The main thing is to just get your pup outside and moving, even if it’s for a short amount of time.

Get Some Bad Weather Gear

Another way to motivate you to walk your dog in poor conditions is to get them some protective gear. A dog raincoat, hood or boots will not only help protect your pooch from the elements, but it will also make you happy seeing them in their new gear! You probably put on extra gear when you walk, so be sure to treat your pup the same way.

Observe Your Dog’s Behavior

One of the best dog walking tips is to always monitor your dog’s behavior during a walk. If they are walking more slowly than normal, they may be getting too hot or too cold. Or if they aren’t walking in a straight line as normal, their paws may be hurting them because of the elements.

Some dogs love going for a walk no matter what the conditions are, but they don’t realize they need to take it easy during certain conditions. The best canine care you can give is monitoring behavior and giving them what they need.

Use a Local Dog Walking Company

There are many reasons to use a local dog walking company, and walking in poor conditions is one of them. You may be prone to getting sick when the weather is bad, but know you still need to walk your little furry friend. That’s exactly why hiring a dog walker is beneficial. You can keep your pup happy even when you can’t walk with them. And you can rest assured your pet is getting the proper care from the dog walker just as you would give them.

At Canine Care, we’ve walked dogs in many different conditions, so there’s nothing we haven’t seen. We hope these tips can help you on your walking adventures, but always feel free to contact us if we can step in and walk your dog for you during favorable or unfavorable conditions.

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