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Dog Walking

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Because every dog is different, we tailor each visit to meet their individual needs and sensitivities. For example, some dogs love going out in the rain, some don’t. If there’s lightning around, we will wait for it to blow by. Otherwise, if it’s just drizzly, we will find ways to get the wary ones out for at least long enough to relieve themselves and then find a way to constructively spend the rest of your visit time.

For the puddle jumpers, we will dress ourselves for the weather so they can fully enjoy their kind of day!

Primary & Backup Walkers


Every customer has what we call a primary walker. This is the person we think of first for everything. We like to keep it the same person as much as possible. The more services you book per week, the more likely you will need to have more than one primary walker.

For example, you might have one primary for weekdays and another primary for weekends. Even still it’s routine, and builds in an already back up (your weekend walker might be available to fill in for your weekday walker).

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Our well established backup system is multi-layered, and you get to choose how far we go. One option is to have just one dog walker, your primary, with no backup. When your dog walker calls in sick, you are on your own. Or you can add one backup walker, we call this your secondary. You can add on yet another, for when your primary is on vacation and your secondary calls in sick.

Regardless of how far you go, once you have booked a walker then we have a capable backup. You can decide in the moment whether or not you want to go with our backup option. When a backup is filling in, you have the option of whether or not to be notified, and the option to make it so we don’t send an unfamiliar to you backup without first getting your permission.

If you or your dog requires an introduction to a walker ahead of time, we can schedule as many meet and greets as necessary. If your dog is aggressive towards strangers, setting up back ups might take more time (even if only to avoid flooding your dog with strangers all at once).

While we cannot guarantee that we will always be able to get your dog out for a walk (for various reasons), we do promise that we will do as much as we can as soon as we can to make it more likely that we will (and of course if we are unable to send a walker, we will let you know right away).

Because we visit with every dog at least once a week, we get to know them all pretty well. If you like, we can look into finding a suitable buddy for your buddy. You also have the option to make your dog’s visit private, so we don’t bring another dog along. If you give us permission to walk you dog with another dog, we will only do so if we are confident in our ability to keep everyone safe.

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We design a route to meet your dog’s specific needs, and make adjustments as necessary. Set up as either recurring or on occasion. You can make adjustments. It is alright to schedule one duration around one time one day and then a different duration around a different time another day. Visit the scheduling section in our terms and conditions for more information.

Want to get a jump start? Answer our questions ahead of time by filling out this application. If after sniffing around you still have questions, dig deeper in our terms and conditions page.

Becoming a pack member is easy! After getting to know you and yours a bit, we match you up with one of our eligible walkers. Lennox and your designated dog walker can meet with you in your home, or we can set things up by phone or email. Once we have gathered some information and figured out logistics, then scheduling can be done via our internet based software system, or by email or text.

You are welcome to watch us while we work, even tag along with us on a walk. We are happy for all of the electronic forms of monitoring systems. GPS tracking is an option we can provide. We are accountable for every moment we are in charge of your dog.



We refer to our appointments as visits, as opposed to walks. Typically, people hire us to spend most of our time together walking. But some of our time is spent not walking. And some hire us for just pet sitting. Puppies might need more time hanging out in their potty spot, and geriatric dogs more time getting up and out. While their walks might be slower paced and shorter distanced, puppy and old dog visits might need to be just as long if not more so than an already potty trained, able bodied middle aged dog. Giving a treat, pets, checking the water bowl, toweling off, leaving a message: all of this is part of our visit.

We have several different time durations. You book us for a block of time, and then let us know how you would like us to spend it (we can help you figure this out). If you only need us for potty breaks, feeding meals and medications then we have an inexpensive fifteen minute visit. When you are providing your dog the longer visits at other times—we also have thirty, forty five, and sixty minute visits for when you need us for those.

Short Notice Additions


We are happy to make an effort and usually can accommodate short notice requests. It sometimes works out when you make a request for an immediate service that there is a Canine Care walker nearby and available. We don’t charge extra for short notice additions, figuring we can or can’t, and either way we have enough time to at least look into and then let you know. If we don’t have a yes or no answer right away, we let you know we are working on it and then get back with you as soon as possible. If we can’t meet your ideal, we look for the next best option. There is no guarantee that we can make a short notice addition. Short notice additions are not made at the expense of already scheduled appointments.

If you give approval and we take your dog in a car, then that time is off the meter. We still indicate the full time of the visit, but time spent in a car is not at an additional charge (unless it’s your wish for us to drive your dog somewhere—we once had a customer hire us in part to drive Boscoe around because he so enjoyed the car ride).

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The Basics


When was the last time you were tethered to someone by a one foot leash? Been a while? Try it some time, it’s not necessarily easy. You might want to go in opposite directions—then what?

This the process of walking with a dog on leash, negotiating a common pace and direction together. Most of what Canine Care does with dogs is on leash, so we spend a great deal of time focusing on how best to keep it loose. The leash serves a great purpose, it keeps dogs from getting away. But some dogs pull to where they are choking. That’s not good. Sometimes even a forty foot leash isn’t enough length for them to reach their desires.


We focus a great deal on creating and maintaining a loose leash. This is mostly accomplished by getting and keeping their primary interest to be with us. We get their attention, and use recall (come) to bring them back before they get to the end of the leash. This is called the yo yo. They go out, come back, go out, come back. But at least now they are not going to the end of the leash. Then we teach them to stay more with us, so not to yo yo. It is a step by step process to teach a dog to walk at the same pace as us, and to pick a lane (so not to zigzag around us). Even the most unruly of pullers can be taught to walk with a loose leash.

A loose leash is necessary in order to be safe and healthy, and so it is something we consider mandatory to teach our walkers how to teach your dog to do. The structure and organization results in a peaceful walk for all. There can be a great deal of freedom despite being joined together by a short loose leash. The joy is when, even if the leash wasn’t there, we would still choose to stay together (also good is to be ok when it’s time to part so not to have separation anxiety). Because we enjoy each others company more than anything else, the walk is like a synchronized dance and a buddy system of sorts. Stops and starts happen together, seemingly without communication. When we have this, we have a loose leash.



While we recommend there be an introduction to us by someone already familiar with your dog, we are open to the idea of introducing ourselves. If your dog is friendly, we will do our best to keep her that way. If your dog is aggressive in certain situations, we will do our best to avoid those. When those situations are unavoidable, then we will do our best to limit and reduce the level of tension. This is typically done by creating separation and distance.


Most dogs enjoy most of the outdoor walking, but sometimes some don’t. Because we want to have outdoor walking as a high value reward, we go far to avoid stressful situations along the way. When unavoidable, we choose the action which creates the quickest recovery (which is sometimes to choose what looks like in action—to stop moving towards or slowly move away from the cause of stress).

Even just a little bit of separation and distance can go a long way to relieving tension. Calmly stepping in between and leading them away is often all it takes. In this way we bring shelter at a time when they are feeling exposed. When they are scared of things which are unavoidable, we find ways to build their confidence by gradually exposing them so as not to overwhelm. These are among the many ways we take care of dogs.

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If done the right way, the walk can boost their confidence for those who are scared. For separation anxiety, we find that once we get them away from whatever they are overly attached, they tend to get their minds onto other things. When it’s that they just don’t want to move, we first consider ailments as the reason. Dogs with arthritis might just have a hard time with the thought of getting up and moving, which is often alleviated by…getting up and moving. Often times, just helping a dog up and off their bed, giving them a moment to stretch is enough to motivate them to continue on. A piece of chicken used as a lure can help.

Ever had a complete stranger walk through your door? It is amazing how well many dogs do with this. But for those that don’t it is important that the person coming to the door knows how to gain their trust. This often requires an already familiar face being present to lead the introduction, and it can take many sessions.We have ways to lead up to this, to make it more likely that—if not right away then someday—soon we are accepted. Once one of us is in, then that person can be the familiar face to introduce others.

We go far to make these transitions low stress for everyone. Dog bites often happen when people are in a hurry, unaware of stress signals. By slowing down and being aware, we can often times avoid what otherwise would have been an aggressive situation.

cost of overnight dog sitters
cost of overnight dog sitters


We aim to get to know and treat your dog at least as well as you do. We appreciate the loving care our customers give their dogs, and look forward to giving yours one of the most valuable treats of all—a pleasant walk.

For further information, dig deeper in our terms and conditions, call (773) 732-3309, email, or schedule a consultation to book a walk now!

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