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Dog Walker Basics: What Will Your Pet’s Experience Be Like?

Dog Walker Basics: What Will Your Pet’s Experience Be Like?

dog walkerThe whole family may be out of the house for most of the day. Your dog, however, is home funning all over the house.  It loves the open space in the home, especially if access to the yard is easy to come by. However, there should be more to the dog’s day than just romping around a Chicago home. Learn how a dog walker can make a huge difference in the dog’s lifestyle. There’s so much more to the experience than just walking down the street.


Meeting the Dedicated Dog Walker

Before any walking services begin, your pet must have a meet and greet with the dog walker professional. The experts set up an appointment where the family, the dog and the walker gather together. Questions about the dog’s temperament, preferences and limitations are usually part of the conversation.

You will be asked to fill out a form with information that should be known about your pet. Allergies, medical problems, and other issues must be addressed before any visits commence. Every visit should be a positive one so that your pet looks forward to the experience. Your pet shouldn’t be forced to do something that is uncomfortable for them.

Visits Not Appointments

Local dog walking companies have different views on the perfect services. At Canine Care, we prefer to call each service call a visit instead of an appointment. The walker becomes a frequent visitor to your, usually daily or weekly. Every time your dog sees the walker, he anticipates a distinct experience.

Because the dog is thrilled with the visit, pet owners share the same enthusiasm. The service seems more like a friend visiting so there’s a level of comfort that grows from the very beginning.

Buddy up or Not?

Your dog is the center of your household. It’s your only pet. Consider the possibility of introducing a friend during your walking visit. Local dog walking companies can pair up your dog with another canine client. There’s always a learning curve for your dog, however, and our goal is that every animal is pleased with the situation.

Create a meeting between canines so that your pup knows what to expect on each encounter. This friendly relationship can build up over time. Loneliness is never an issue because your dog anticipates a play date of fun with a friend during each visit.

Timing it Right

Every dog has its own personality. It might be slow to get out the door. In contrast, a puppy might fly out of the house if you let it. Pick a walking visit with the proper amount of time that’s complementary to your dog’s temperament. Short visits are perfect for puppies who get excited and will wear themselves out pretty quickly. Think about longer visits when you have a senior dog.

If nap time is after lunch, schedule a walk for the mid-morning. Every consideration can be a joint agreement between the pet owner and local dog walking companies.

Specialized Services

Walkers also offer specialized services, depending on your family’s needs. The professional might administer medication at the mid-day mark. Critical training is also an option so that the owners and walkers use the same commands.

Your visit might include a trip to a dog park or another adventure. Each outing is thoroughly discussed beforehand so that there are no surprises. The dog ends up enjoying every moment as a result.

If you’re ready to hire a dog walker in the Chicago area, look for professionals at Canine Care. Our team has experience and verified quality by local animal-care groups. You want the best experiences for your dog. Daily outings are tools that enhance the pets’ life. You’ll arrive home to a satisfied dog that just needs your love and attention.

For more information about hiring a dog walker in the Chicago area, specific locations we service or rates, please visit