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dog walking service Are you wondering whether it is worth it to invest in a dog walking service? Maybe you can’t wrap your head around someone else walking your precious furry bundle around Chicago on a regular basis? Are you worried about your dog’s safety with a stranger? There are many misconceptions about what a dog walking service does and how it operates. There is more to it than simply walking the pooch and picking up poop. Dog walking with a service means treating your pet as if it were their own, and helping that dog grow, learn, and develop good habits. Here are some of the most common myths about dog walking services that might have you rethinking your position.

Chicago suburb dog walkers, canine careDogs that sit alone at home all day long are prone to boredom. They want attention, excitement and playtime stimulation. You might work for most of the day, but there's a professional solution to this dilemma. Hiring a walker for your pet is more commonplace today than ever before. Learn all about the exciting services offered by Chicago suburb dog walkers today. Pet owners may be slightly jealous of the fun that's yet to come.  

dog walking services, local dog walking company You have the best-trained dog in the world at home, but they might be a nightmare when it comes to walking time. This can be incredibly embarrassing when your entire neighborhood can see your pooch pulling, jumping, and even running away when they get the opportunity. It is important to get started as early as possible fixing these behaviors and working on them at all times. Even when you are not home, dog walking services can help with the training of your pup for when they are out in public. Here are some of the most common behavior problems, and how to work on fixing them.

dog walkerThe whole family may be out of the house for most of the day. Your dog, however, is home funning all over the house.  It loves the open space in the home, especially if access to the yard is easy to come by. However, there should be more to the dog’s day than just romping around a Chicago home. Learn how a dog walker can make a huge difference in the dog’s lifestyle. There's so much more to the experience than just walking down the street.

canine care, Chicago suburb dog walkersAs soon as they enter your home, a new dog becomes a member of the family. They will be your family member for their entire lifetime, and it’s your job to take care of them. Many of us consider our dogs to be like our children, even if we have actual human children. Good canine care is so important for the health and well-being of any dog. You should strive to give them the best of everything to make sure that their lifetime with you is a happy and healthy one. Here is how to give your pooch the TLC they deserve.

dog walking servicesLiving in Chicago, especially in some areas, probably means you don’t have acres of land available for your dog to run around. Most people don’t even have a backyard that their pooch can get to any time they need to do their business or just get some fresh air. More and more dog owners are turning to a dog walking service to make sure that their pooch gets the exercise and fresh air they need during those long days when they’re at work or school.

dog walker Your dog needs and loves attention. Whether they gain it through walks, playing or other activities, the attention keeps dogs young at heart. You can't always be there during the week, however. Pet owners must earn a living too. Hiring a dog walker is a smart alternative to leaving your furry family member home alone. Understand the costs involved with these services before you strike up a deal.

Every dog owner knows that it’s good to walk their dogs. Unfortunately, too many people don’t have or don’t take the time to walk them. This can have serious consequences for your pet. That is where a dog walking service comes in. A dog walker can do the job of walking your dogs while you’re at work or if you’re physically unable to do so yourself. Chicago suburb dog walkers from Canine Care can handle all your pooches and make sure they get the exercise they need. Here are some ways that a professional dog walker can help your dog.

chicago dog walkersI walk dogs for a living. When people hear about my profession, they don't believe that it's a real job. In fact, I enjoy every minute of my work because I love dogs and I love spending time with them. This profession is filled with furry faces and excited minds. It takes dedication and love to work with dogs daily. Get to know why dog walkers choose their profession and stick with it.

As you head off to work, you might see a lone individual surrounded by several pups on the sidewalk. That individual might be me because walking dogs is my passion and career. In the past, bringing in clients for walking services was a slow process. With the advent of the Internet, I now share my love of animals while offering my daily services. There are several things that I want everyone to know about dog walking. My job is a lifestyle that I love every day.