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About Us


Canine Care is a group of compassionate, dog knowledgeable people prepared to provide your best friend consistent companionship.

Locally owned and operated, we are exclusively for dogs. We share your expectation that the person in charge of your dog is qualified. We screen, interview, and continuously train our staff. Our screening process is ongoing, as we continuously evaluate performance.

Our services address various behavior and health issues related to potty training, boredom, and loneliness.

Our Dog Walkers

We support your walker so your walker can support you. Support for walkers helps keep them on track, on time, and connected with your dog. It also gives them a break. We encourage our walkers to take time off. By giving some time off before getting burnt out, sick, or injured, we avoid having to take more time off later. It’s a win win. Your dog walker is happier and healthier, and so then is your dog. Plus, when your primary takes of, it gives your backup walker an opportunity to become reacquainted.

Providing a consistently qualified and already familiar dog walker increases the odds that our time together will be peaceful. So does when all the dogs are familiar with one another. In order to provide this consistency for you, we ask that you commit to a minimum of one visit per week (with an allowance for some weeks off).

Getting and keeping everyone familiar helps make certain that everyone gets along nicely. Positive Reinforcement is the mode of training to which we primarily and predominantly subscribe. While we sometimes say “No,” our goal is to use more and more of “Yes.” It is about as simple as that. Catch them doing it right.

We supervise and monitor our walkers. When walkers make a mistake, we point it out and typically give them another chance. Unfortunately, we sometimes hire the wrong person. If too many mistakes are made, we let them go. We have found this to be the most effective way to assure that you are getting for what you pay. While our cost to hire and train a walker is substantial, it is less than the cost of holding onto someone proven to be irresponsible and untrustworthy.

Our Founder and History

Canine Care

Our founder, owner and operator is Lennox Armstrong. He grew up in Northfield along with horses, sheep, chicken, cats, and…dogs. He took his family dog, Jackson, with him to the University of Oregon, where he graduated with a degree in English. After moving to Chicago and while pursuing a career in acting, he established Canine Care.

He has twenty five years of professional pet care experience, and has made a commitment to continuously learning how best to keep dogs safe and secure. He works hands on with all of our walkers in order to pass along to them what he has learned, and in turn to learn from them. As others gain expertise, they then often become the one leading the training exercises, passing along tips to others.

When Canine Care started, the pet care industry was quite different than it is today. There were just a handful of other dog walking companies, and very few supporting businesses. For example, it was hard to find a knowledgeable insurance company. With limited resources, it was more difficult to meet a high standard. The opposite is true now. There is a wide base of supporting businesses around the industry. This is great news for everyone. We have now more than ever a great opportunity to deliver a high standard of service.

Canine Care is taking full advantage. As a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS), we attend NAPPS conferences in order to stay current with professional pet care education and products. One such product is Fetchfind. Part of what Fetchfind offers is an online program for training people within the pet care industry. We use this online resource to augment our in person training program for our dog walkers.

Lennox was first inspired to start Canine Care by his then dog Jackson, a blond lab mix. She was his first dog, and was the kind of dog who got along well with almost every dog and person she ever came upon. Jackson just seemed to be born that way. They enjoyed going for walks. A friend of Lennox’s gave him an idea about starting a doggie day care. Lennox thought about his walks with Jackson, and turned his friend’s idea of doggie day care into dog walking. What better way to spend the day than walking with dogs? And to get paid to do so? Seemed too good to be true.

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